Private / Corporate EVENTS in UAE

Who can use our private event service in UAE

  • 1. Parents for Kids' Birthday Parties:

    Request: Fun and engaging activities suitable for children, such as interactive dances, themed music, and age-appropriate entertainment.

    Preference: A safe and controlled environment with supervision, perhaps with themed decorations and characters.

  • 2. Corporate Companies for Team Building Events:

    Request: Team-building activities through music and dance, fostering cooperation and communication among employees.

    Preference: Customized activities tailored to the company's culture and objectives, including ice-breaker games and choreographed routines.

  • 3. Wedding Planners for Pre-Wedding Events:

    Request: Entertainment options for pre-wedding events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagement parties, or rehearsal dinners.

    Preference: A mix of music genres and dance styles to cater to diverse guest preferences, possibly including performances by professional dancers.

  • 4. Event Organizers for Private Celebrations:

    Request: Entertainment for various private celebrations such as anniversaries, graduations, or family reunions.

    Preference: Flexible packages that can accommodate different themes, age groups, and cultural preferences, with options for both live music and DJ sets.

  • 5. Tourism Companies for Special Events:

    Request: Unique entertainment experiences for tourists, including musical and dance performances showcasing local culture.

    Preference: Authentic performances featuring traditional Emirati music and dance styles, along with opportunities for tourists to participate and learn.

  • 6. Luxury Resorts for VIP Guests / Fashion and Lifestyle Brands / Fitness Studios and Wellness Centers::

    Request: Exclusive entertainment options for clientele, such as private parties or VIP gatherings.

    Preference: High-quality performances by musicians and dancers, accompanied by gourmet catering and personalized service.

  • 7. Charity Organizations for Fundraising Galas / Educational Institutions for Cultural Exchange Programs / Professional Associations and Networking Groups / Cultural Institutions and Embassies /Social Clubs and Associations::

    Request: Entertainment for fundraising, cultural,social events and galas aimed at raising awareness and funds for charitable causes.

    Preference: Inspirational performances that resonate with the organization's mission, encouraging guests to contribute while enjoying themselves.Collaborations with local artists and performers representing various cultures, along with opportunities for guests to learn about the cultural significance of the performances.

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We can customize your event based on your interests and preferences,
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Our offer for your private event

Languages : EN, RU, FR, AR

Service: Musical (live singing / DJ) and Dance Entretainment, Animations, Games, Face Painting, Catering.

Price : for (x)hours in your location

KIDS PARTY in your location/city, 2h : from 250 USD / 1000 AED

PRIVATE PARTY in your location/city, 3h : from 500 USD / 1900 AED

VIP PARTY in your location/city, 3h : 1000 USD / 3800 AED

CHARITY PARTY in your location/city, 3h : from 100 USD / 380 AED

CULTURAL PARTY in your location/city, 3h : from 250 USD / 1000 AED

Professional Entertainment. Having a private event service streamlines your party experience, saving you time and energy by organizing entertainment, planning animations, and handling guests, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

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Kids Party Review: Rating: 5/5 "BLING LCG EVENTS turned my child's birthday party into an unforgettable experience! From the moment the music started, the kids were up and dancing, completely enthralled by the interactive performances. The entertainers were not only talented but also incredibly engaging with the children, making sure everyone felt included. The themed dances and games kept the energy high throughout the party. Thank you, BLING LCG EVENTS, for making my child's special day so magical!"

Mother of 3

Corporate Business Party Review: Rating: 4/5 "Our company hired BLING LCG EVENTS for our annual business party, and they delivered an exceptional performance! The dancers were professional and brought a vibrant energy to the event, which helped to create a lively atmosphere for networking and team-building. The choreographed routines were impressive, and the music selection catered to a diverse audience. The only suggestion for improvement would be to offer more customizable options to better align with specific corporate themes. Overall, a fantastic experience!"

Andrew McCowel

Group CEO

Wedding Review: Rating: 5/5 "BLING LCG EVENTS truly made our wedding reception unforgettable! The live band provided by them was phenomenal, and their ability to read the crowd and keep everyone on the dance floor was remarkable. The dance performances added an extra layer of entertainment and elegance to the evening. The team worked closely with us to incorporate our favorite songs and even surprised us with a beautifully choreographed first dance. Our guests couldn't stop raving about how much fun they had. Thank you, BLING LCG EVENTS, for helping to make our special day perfect!"

Hatem and Eva Al Quadi

Married 08.03.2024

Private / Corporate EVENTS in UAE

7 languages

With the musical service proficient in multiple languages, including potentially your native tongue, communication becomes seamless.
This ensures diversity in entertaining your guests, various interactions, minimizing misunderstandings and maximizing the value of your event.

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