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    Feature-rich landing page, mobile site or website designed
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    Depending of your web choice among our products,we are able to set up the site within 5 working days.


    We are offering various solutions for any budget. Please, contact us, if you have any questions.

    All-in one service

    Domain, hosting and website - we provide you each of this services.Make an inquiry.

    Personal Approach

    If you re living in Luxembourg, please, take an appointment in our offices (South) or indicate the wished place of meeting.

    Conversion optimized design. Perfect for any start-up.

    All sites created by us are mobile responsive.For the start-ups, we are offering FREE site optimization for the searching engines. It includes the key-words research and introduction in the code. Up to 3 languages for multilingual countries.

    • Mobile Responsive

      All solutions are mobile responsive

    • Thousands of available options

      We are creating the sites with any desired by customer options: video, texts, galleries, blog, chat, payement systems and others.

    • Payement systems

      We are offering the e-commerce solutions. However, if you wish to sell just a couple products through Paypal and not wishing to set up the whole shop, we can help you for that as well.

    Options with video

    Would you like to embed your presentation, advertising or showcase? We can solve this issue it for you, as you see it right now!

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    It's important to know your provider: please, check our website and receive more information about our company. We are always available to answer on any questions.

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    Our pricing (*add VAT 17% for Luxembourg)

    Mobile site


    • Set up in 2-3 days
    • Responsive on any device
    • 30 available options
    • Addon* + domain(1year/100Mb)
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    Landing html5 page


    • Setup in 5-7 days
    • Responsive on any device
    • 2-3 media options
    • Hosting + domain(1year/100Mb)
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    Functional website


    • Set up in 7-15 days
    • Responsive on any device
    • Up to 10 add-ons to install
    • Hosting + domain(1year/250Mb)
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    • Set up in 15-25 days
    • Responsive on any device
    • Up to 20 products to add
    • Hosting + domain(1year/500Mb)
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    Asked questions

    Are you providing domain names?

    Yes, indeed. However, the domain name option is included in our offers on this site.Please, see the availability of domains on our web services site


    For any .lu domain name, please, make a written request.

    If my website would be developing and content growing?

    In this case, we can extend your space of the hosting package up to requested limits.

    Would I get the access data for my website?

    Yes, you will get access documentation for your hosting. You would be able to do modifications on your site, if it will be necessary and you have sufficient knowledge for that.

    Are you providing backup services?

    Yes, for all of your sites we are providing back-up 1 time in month. If you are willing to do the backup more often, please, make a request and specify more.

    If I have a special request?

    Yes, please, provide us description by email or make an appointment in our offices.

    If the maintenance of site is included in your offers?

    Non, the site maintenance is not included in our packages. We are servicing websites, doing additional updates, changing the content for additional fees. Please, make an inquiry.

    Are you providing the consulting for website management?

    Yes, we are providing the lessons, where we could teach you the basics for the content management.

    Could you help, if I need to change the media, such as photos,banners, colors or video?

    Yes, we can help you with such requests, however, the fees for this service are not included in the packages price.

    Is it possible to upgrade my package?

    Yes, if we are informed before the works would be started. Bear in mind, you can always to add additional options to existing site, but it's limited by the starting version of your first website choice.


    Please, write down your email address, if you wish to receive our offers or promo codes by email.

    Mobile website. Find your happiness with our mobile website. Over 30 options are available.Get your own domain name in this package. The site is simplistic, but can display all needed information in PRO way.Responsive on any device. Standard layout.

    Contact us for more information.

    Landing Page. Amazing presentation of yourself, your business, your products or other. Could be long or short. Could include links to other sites or blocks, possible to lead to Paypal payment online. Video could be embedded.

    Contact us for more information.

    SMS or Html website. Do you like to make constant changes and updates to your website? Choose the SMS option. You would like to display a permanent information on the site? Html 5 is secure option. Both are Mobile Responsive. SMS site is a great opportunity for upgrades.

    Contact us for more information

    Web-shop. Would you like to sell online? You have many options for that: Standard Webshop, Integration of payment blocks to html5 website, landing page or SMS system. Choose the Standard Webshop, if you have many products for sale.

    Contact us for more information.