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    Lux.Textile is textile department of LuxFlex Group(Luxembourg)

    We are the department, which is providing the delivery of workwear/textile and customisation services (embroidery/transfer) to companies, associations and private individuals...

    about LuxFlex Group

    Personal design services, logo drawing, vectorising...

    Screen printing, heat transfert, digital printing...

    Logos and compositions. High quality and speed delivery...

    Providing High Quality Design, Printing and Embroidery Services

    Would you like to be fashionable or recognisable?

    Nowdays, the design of clothing is in leading position. Design makes impression. Anyone can have own style and give a message to people without saying a word. The same for business: promote your company just appearing with stylish logo clothes. Logo speaks for itself. Brand promotion is having high importance for any business.

    Reputation. Recognition. Respect.

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    Promote Your Business!

    High quantity works

    Importance for any textile selling business. Brand promotion. Full customization.

    Not yet forgotten

    Personnalised flags,for associatons,non-profit organisations. Advertising in the car.

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