• Sales conditions

    What is the minimum quantity?

    There is no minimum quantity for buying our products. However, the expedition fees could increase considerably the price of the product, if you are buying just 1 piece. More products you are ordering - cheaper is it.

    Is it possible to buy the textile non-personalised?

    Yes, you can buy customised or non-customised products.

    How do you personalising the textile?

    We could offer embroidery, screen-printing and heat transfer services. There is different delay of works execution for each of them.

    How long does it takes for an order?

    Usually, to receive your order (textile/workwear) it takes up to 7 days after your payement. Plus, you have to take in account the time for personalisation (depends on requested quantity)of the product.Please, always ask for confirmation our customer services, when ordering (small orders -+3-5 days).


    Terms of Use

    Can we return the product or exchange?

    Yes, if there is a production default you can return back the product or exchange it. However, please, check your order instantly on reception from our commercial service.

    Is it possible to return a customised product?

    Non, there is no possibility to return a customised products./h4>

    What are the payment delays?

    We are asking to regularise the proforma invoice before we proceed with your order.