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    Print-Web-Pub is offering printing and design solutions.
    Are you looking for simple design/print? Or are you searching a particular marketing product that you wish to customise? Check our agency's offers!



    Online and Offline services.
    We are managing various scale marketing projects: online and personally. Write us now or call and get an appointment!



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    Please, check some testimonials of our customers. They are the best witnesses for our reputation.


    Hello there!

    04-24h orders.
    Today we are managing to execute hot and emergent orders for business cards (standard 300g) and flyers (up to 300g).However, this offer is limited by requested quantity. Work on weekends is possible for emergencies. Please, contact our sales person in order to find more about.


    2 days ago
    -5% 25.04.16.
    Reserve your offer! -5% for Business cards orders! Reserve it NOW and get your cards after 25.03.16!

    2 days ago
    -5% 24.04.16.
    Reserve your offer! -5% for A4 threefold Flyers orders! Reserve it NOW and get your flyers after 24.03.16!

    2 days ago
    -10% 23.03.16.
    Reserve your offer! -10% for Design Package orders! Reserve it NOW and get your design files after 23.03.16!


    LuxFlex - this is an advertising Luxembourgish company , which offers services / products for various PMS and private individuals.We are specialized in Visual Communication "Print / Web / Pub " and offer various services/products to choose from according to your needs and your budget.We address to the SME and private individuals. team will guide you through the boldest steps toward realization of your ideas. LuxFlex is solution for you and your loyal partner for years to come.


    Posted: 11-16-2015
    Diigital print

    Posted: 11-30-2015
    Products personification.

    Posted: 10-3-2015
    Offset advantages

    Why us

    Our goal is to provide our customers with the most effective resources, which makes the better relationship between the quality of our service and professional fees that are both fair and affordable.Benefit from the expertise of LuxFlex for all your prints! Our team is available to discuss all your needs and meet your requirements. Through our network, LuxFlex is to respond to your requests for prototypes and unique samples. We are very concerned about the satisfaction of our customers. To achieve our target, we base our business model on strategic partnerships with skilled independents in the industry.We are working with dozens of European suppliers in marketing area, so we are aware about the best market offers. Work with us!