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    Please, check our contractual agreements. Without written confirmation of this agreement, no one order can be executed.

    Privacy policy and general Sales agreement (partial)

    1. General - Domain of application
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    The following terms and conditions apply to all cases of the company LuxFlex Communications Ltd., Head Office: 19, rue Lohr, L-4987, Sanem, Luxembourg, registered at the Luxembourg court. B168744; Luxembourg, referred to below as providers on the website or submitted by the commercial service. Are customers under the terms and conditions for both consumers and entrepreneurs. Divergent terms, contradictory or complementary, even if known, not part of the contract unless an agreement was reached. Is relevant to the current version at the conclusion of the market. The reports of the LUXFLEX Company (hereinafter the "Company") with its Customers (hereinafter "Customer") are governed by the general sales conditions as defined below and by professional practice established by the Federation of Printing and Graphic Communication (FICG, Paris VI). They are intended for consumers and apply to all sales and services provided primarily from our websites:,,, www.print-web well as those received by any other means (commercial service, fax, mail, mail). Phone orders are not accepted. Any order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    2. Orders DESIGN / PRODUCTS
    2.1. Any order implies acceptance without reserve of the customer to the present general sales conditions and deprive him of any application of its possible General Purchasing Conditions. 2.2. Orders are placed primarily via our Internet platforms www. or through communication with our commercial service. 2.3. A receipt confirming the inclusion of the customer order is automatically sent by e-mail. Orders are taken into account until 16.30 hours every business day, after that time are deemed received the next day. 2.4. The Company strives to maintain access to its websites 24 hours on 24, however, his liability can not be held liable for disruption of service, in particular for reasons of maintenance or technical problems. The customer declares to know the technical limits related to Internet technologies, particularly regarding consultation of information, transfer files and risks associated with this technology. 2.5. Orders placed via the interface are subject, in addition to these general conditions of sale. 2.6. We reserve the right to terminate the sales contract in case of non receipt within 3 days of payment for your order with print data in case of products manufactured to customer specifications and this contract with "read and approved" (for the 1st order). First order: 2.7. Working only with professional customers, all first order must be passed by email and with payment. The mode of payment is net to order. The goods will not leave / or the work will not begin before receipt of payment in full. The new client card must be completed and signed. These Conditions of Sale must be signed with mention "read and approved".
    2.8. All controlled sample will be charged + shipping. An asset of the value of the sample excluding shipping costs can be sent if the command is following more than 100pieces. Firm order with delivery date (see article DELIVERY / DISPATCH) 2.9. Thank you to clearly specify the deadline for acceptance of the goods. Any specific date (farm-term delivery) announced during the passage of the order will be assessed by our service and the possibility of delivery will be confirmed by email. The design of the production time will be announced (the initial application base will be taken into calculation). In the case, or there will be additional items to add / major changes to occur on the project / product / design, LUXFLEX Company will not be responsible for the approved period of time and pay the costs of the damage in any case. The customer will pay all damages from delay in delivery. If a reassessment by the Client from the date of supply, any cancellation and / or control returns will be accepted without our prior consent (for non-labeled products). No request is possible for the marked products.
    2.10. Our catalogs are not binding. Changes to technical or qualitative specifications can intervene on our products without our being liable. The items sold are mainly imported, their origin can vary for the same product category. Slight variations in color or design can cause the rejection of the acceptance of the order. The responsibility for monitoring compliance of products receiving the Client for electronic products. No claims will be accepted, whatever the reason, if the goods are supplied with printing, except for visible defects in quality.
    2.11. Regarding quality, we guarantee that our products conform to: - The specifications listed in our documents when it comes to products catalog - Encrypted specifications determined in the order and accepted by us when it comes to special production estimate. We are not responsible for the marked or printed end product, which the file transmitted by the Client does not match our printing templates, contains errors whatever (eg. Text, images, design, low resolution images / fonts , etc. We hold no responsibility / reimbursement for printing errors / information found after printing the order, the BAT which has been checked and confirmed by the customer. Even no responsibility for the error of strikes made by the design department: it is impervious to the Customer to check the BAT and all information before confirming the order. No petition will be accepted. Amount 2.12. Given the special clauses in special productions, the billing delivery tolerances of ± 5% (possible for printed products such as cards, flyers, etc ..). Prices are for a manufacturing contained in the amount indicated by the proposal. acceleration: 2.28. We assign your order at the time of production and shipping of the corresponding production line - any further acceleration is therefore impossible. renewal: 2.29. The completed orders are not saved for reasons of data protection. To reorder the same product, please place a new order. Archiving of print data: 2.30. Please note that due to high volume of data archiving is not possible. In general, data are available about 4 weeks and then deleted automatically. 2.31. The provider offers no compensation for loss of data. If data is to be sought or reproduced, that is for the sponsor. 2.32. For future orders with the same data, you will, because of the automated process, place a new order and return your data on our server, otherwise it will not be possible to assign precise data. 2.33. A file backup option on our server can the authorized price (depends on the volume of files / backup time) and on estimate.
    Mobile Digital:
    2.34. LuxFlex acts as distributor of digital products and services. The use of these applications is the sole responsibility of the customer who will make his case for compliance with current regulations particularly in terms of consumer protection and personal data. 2.35. These services are subject to special conditions of use set by the publisher / host. By ordering these products, the customer acknowledges having read the terms of use of digital services and the liability limits set by the publisher who must apply to the goods and services. 3. computer files, graphic design, BATs, technical limitations:
    3.1. Any client is presumed to be the owner of copyright documents, images, logos, fonts, benefiting laws on intellectual property, which he entrusted the impression to the Company. He assumes responsibility for damages that could beings invoked by a third party.
    3.2. The computer files necessary to make the printed product to be supplied by the customer or can be created by the LUXFLEX design service. They must strictly conform to our technical specifications beings / our templates, including the requirements of our DTP Guide included with the "graphics kit", addressed to the customer in each account opened. It is also available online. 3.3. In case the client supplied its files to the Company: It is expressly agreed that the customer is a professional graphic arts, able to understand and apply the instructions in the technical specifications. Otherwise the adaptation file service / graphic design is offered to the client for extra charges (to study). 3.4. The customer can opt for the adaptation of its design our templates at a reduced design cost. For that it must provide the fonts, colors, numbers, HD images corresponding to the dimension of the design, all text and image / picture of the desired final result. 3.5. In the case of lack of necessary resolution graphic files, such as HD photos / images vectorized, the client could choose in our database / stock and buy the additional tariff. 3.6. In case the Customer fails and graphics files must be searched free images on the Internet, for a fee of € 45.00 tax per 1 hour. Tariff is applicable for writing / editing files submitted by the client or found by us. In case the Customer shall send our file services that are not consistent with our templates or images that do not have a necessary resolution requested for a print quality, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the quality the final product of such order. If the marking elements provided by the Client (eg. Logo for embroidery, transfers, etc.) are too vague and it should be do a touch of graphic or symbol of creation or design fees creation will be charged on the basis of € 70.00 HT time for vectorization. 3.5. Our impressions being designed according amalgam (ie grouped with other customers work), the customer accepts without reservation the technical constraints associated with this type of printing: - Cutting tolerances / cut of about 2.5-10 mm - Slight color variations - In case of reprinting, even from identical files, the color rendering can never be 100% identical It was also agreed that our responsibility is unobstructed on printing defects, colorimetry, police, trapping, hunting text, image conversion, assuming that these defects are present on the client files . In the case of taking the graphics department of the company LUXFLEX last confirmation (before the launch control) is both. If the graphic designer made an error / mistake in the text information / images / color, position or other liability is clear and no refund / free reprint is possible by the provider. The client has an obligation to the Company to verify all the information of the order before the final confirmation for printing. 3.6. The Customer also acknowledges being informed that the layout software never guarantee a refund 100% of the file appears on the screen and can lead, on the occasion of successive treatments, different results of a screen display or 'printing on a desktop printer or copier connected. 3.6.a Given the accepted practice in the profession and technical constraints related to our products, our Company is not required to ensure delivery of the exact amount specified on the order. The customer is obliged to accept a tolerance of plus or minus 5% of planned quantities. 3.7. LUXFLEX The Company reserves the right to make certain modifications deemed necessary to the files provided by the customer and which do not conform to the technical specifications (lost funds, discount format, pantone color conversion, image conversion RGB, etc ...). Similarly, the Company reserves the right to refuse any order in the event that the files do not conform to the technical specifications. For all these reasons, the responsibility of the Company shall in no event be held liable for non-compliance with technical requirements. modifications: 3.12. The Company offers LUXFLEX 1 (one) free modification of the design (design proposal) developed by LUXFLEX. Work on your design (.psd source files, .indd) are paid to HT 45.00 per hour. 3.14. The Company never intervenes on .pdf files requiring copyright correction. In this case, the customer agrees to provide a new file. 3.15. All resulting changes demands of design (before confirmation / launch control for production) will be paid. The price is € 15.00 excluding VAT per 1 (one) change. This is the amount does not include the vectorization of the logo / design or the creation of entirely new design. 3.16. Any correction or modification of a mistake made by our design service is free before confirmation of the order. 3.17. From the moment you have sent the amount due and printable data for your firm order (order confirmation), any change in the design / quantity / product later becomes impossible. Before developing the print data, we recommend you consider the prescribed formats.
    3.8. To limit these risks, it is highly recommended to achieve a calibrated control test (called a corrected proof B.A.T.) on paper (prototype) to ensure file integrity to print. The price of this service is € 15.00 VAT and do not include delivery costs of this BAT. 3.9. Without making this service a BAT email will be sent. It is highly advisable to check your files and documents. Control and production will only take that from the receipt of the approval of BAT. Acceptance of BAT fully engages the customer's responsibility. If an error of any kind, was not rectified before production, LUXFLEX Company be liable for any. 3.10. In default of a prototype made, the customer is prompted to print the BAT proposed in his office with a printing and check carefully all the information, position, font size, etc., before the final and binding confirmation . This is option allows the customer to see the document nail from another perspective and to comment directly on paper without forgetting. The proposed practices: BAT print or order a prototype, or it can be beneficial to the Company and the Customer. It helps manage expectations and deliver an expected result. 3.10. Failing B.A.T. request via our platform email the sales department when ordering, the customer accepts without reservation the technical limits above / below presented.
    Ordering print test tests and BAT value:
    3.11. Our manufacturing processes are automated, we are not able to provide good pull for approval and validation before pulling ALL PRODUCTS. We work according to Process Standard Offset certification which ensures high color quality. However, if you need a sample, we recommend ordering a limited amount. We can produce the BAT for flyers of all sizes, specific business cards or brochures / menu for extra charges. This option extends the time production / delivery see. Google Traduction pour les entreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget TraductionOutil d'aide à l'export Désactiver la traduction instantanéeÀ propos de Google TraductionMobileCommunautéConfidentialité et conditions d'utilisationAideEnvoyer des commentaires