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    What are general delays for product deliveries?
    06.27.2012 | posted by: admin | comments: 7
    The delivery timing depends on the product you are ordering. If there is an order for in-house print, emergent delays can vary from 24-72h (depending on emergency, quality and quantity of the final product.Standard delay is 4-5 working days for standard products, as flyers and cards. Folded flyers are longer to produce, due to creasing and folding additional options, than simple A4/A5 documents. For the products, which we have to order from our partners/suppliers, the delays of expedition and final product delivery will be calculated/discussed with the customer on pre-sales meeting.

    How I can confirm the design without rendering to the agency
    03.12.2013 | posted by: admin | comments: 7
    You could sign the printed BAT (design proof), which we were sending to you and send the scan/picture back. In case of impossibility to proceed this way, you have to write your design agreement/confirmation by email. Phone confirmations/during personal communications are NOT accepted.

    Please,learn more about our contractual agreements.
    03.12.2012 | posted by: admin | comments: 7
    We are inviting you to learn more and read our sales conditions(partial).