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  • Pre-sales

    Call us/write an email/inquire the price offer.
    Please, take an appointment with one of our sales person. We visit you in your office or you will be invited in our locals in order to view our product samples and discuss your project.


    We are providing design services.
    As soon we receive your design/product order confirmation, our designer will contact you and fix an appointment online/phone/chat or personally.Also, we could print from your templates, if they are in accordance with our gabarits. We are working with the customer's external designers as well.


    Production or design creation starts after order/price offer confirmation and pre-payement.
    Please, be careful about delays. Emphasize on your pre-sale meeting the needed/compulsory delivery time.

    See what we can do

    Pre-sales meetup
    The allocated sales person will display the quality samples, such as paper/cardboard/rigid materials/textile options or other. Otherwise, you will see the sample of the end product, if it's available in our stock. You will be informed about different options, which are possible for your project. Also, here you can duscuss the terms of delivery and receive our sales agreement contract, in case of future collaboration. Afterwards, the price offer will be se

    Work with designer
    You can communicate with the designer by different means, which better suit you: emails, chat, phone, video conferences or personal meeting. We have a large photo/pictures database and could help you to create the needed presentation. Otherwise, we are providing the service of research for needed for you images. After design confirmation, you will receive the proof (BAT), which has to be confirmed, before your order will go for the print. At the order delivery, you will receive your source/vector files, those you wished to receive and informed our sales person before the order.