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LuxFlex Services Catalog

Welcome to LuxFlex!

LuxFlex - is Luxembourgian Marketing company, which offers services / products for various PMS and independents.

We are specialized in Visual Communication "Print / Web / Pub " and offer a wide range of services/products to choose from according to your needs and your budget.

  • personal projects

    We are providing services to companies and private individuals. Start-ups and existing firms. Any scale of project is matter for us.

  • online support

    Our company is working personally and online. We are using different supports online in order to provide the valuable and fast communication with our clients and to display the best solutions: tickets, chats, conferences, pictures database and catalogs. Online printshop is displaying and sell a part of our products and provides an opportunity to benefit from sales to permanent customers.

  • services & advice

    We are providing different kinds of services: 1. logo/brand development 2. graphic design 3. printing 4. textile/work-wear customization 6. marketing products supply 7. web services (site development and marketing online) 8. advice/strategy development in marketing

  • special offers

    Our customers could benefit from price reduction, by using the payment system through our online shop, getting the fidelity card or receiving a special promotional codes through our newsletters

Services & Areas

  • Design &Printing

    Click HERE Here any kind of design services is offered (logo development/vectorising, business stationary, marketing and printed products design). Printing on any kind of support. Check HERE, please, to visit our Printing/Design services website.

  • Web-site &Hosting

    Click HERE Here you could check our general web offers. Web-site development, hosting and other web services.

  • Advertising &Marketing Products

    Click HERE Here is the link for the description of our main Printed Marketing Products for your Advertising. Paper, textile, rigid panels or any other support. Full customization. Online catalogs.

  • Printshop Online

    Here you will find our offers for printed products (site is under construction).

Our Manager Says

Lyna Boyle LuxFlex is about Personal Service and Flexibility. Even if you're in rush, LuxFlex will find solution.


Experience & High Quality

LuxFlex Marketing Catalog

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